California Covid-19 Property Tax Relief

The Covid-19 / Coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted the commercial and investment real estate markets in California. This has placed a significant burden on many property owners. The good news is, property tax relief is now available. 

One of the property tax relief measures available is for when “restricted access” to properties causes a loss of market value of those properties. The other is reductions in value due to damage, destruction, depreciation, obsolescence, removal of property, or "other factors causing a decline in value".  An effective method of supporting lost value due to restricted access or damage to a property, is to measure the loss of income / revenue / rents from periods before and after the event causing the decline of the property's performance.

My office specializes in assisting clients with California property tax matters and we have a track record of success. If you or a client of yours owns commercial real estate or has an investment real estate portfolio, they may be eligible for immediate property tax relief.

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