About Michael Wyatt

 Michael Wyatt is a real estate professional that has participated and specialized in commercial and real estate appraisal and property tax legal analysis and research since 1978.  



Michael successfully completed a Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) Degree at the University of Southern California (USC), with an emphasis in Appraisal. This highly specialized 40-unit MRED program covered urban theory and analysis, real estate finance, real estate law, market analysis, site planning, design, financial skills and entitlements.

Michael has some legal education and training from Western State University College of Law, Fullerton, CA. 



As an appraiser for the Orange County Assessor’s Office, Michael was assigned the most difficult commercial, retail, office, industrial, and apartment project appraisal assignments. Also, as an Operations Manager, he served as a Commercial and Residential Review Appraiser for a staff between 5 and 10 real property appraisers, where he reviewed and approved their work.

Michael was responsible for providing valuation and legal assistance to the Assessor’s Office’s top management and staff on current Assessor Office guidelines and procedures regarding property tax laws and appraisal practices and techniques.

Over 25 years, Michael observed many real estate transactions that had unintended results. Why? Property owners either never consulted with counsel, or advisors were not familiar with property tax law and its consequences.

Michael has formed Michael Wyatt Consulting to help advisors and their clients avoid those inadvertent consequences, and plan and structure their real property transactions to achieve success and achieve their goals.  


Michael Wyatt Consulting was formed to make a difference. How? We desire to be part of a client’s overall team of consultants that addresses our clients’ real estate portfolios and presents significant, carefully thought out and enduring planning and counsel, while at the same time taking into account long-term consequences of real estate decisions. 

Our commitment is to deliver specialized and professional advice to clients in a judicious manner, which creates trust and confidence for the client. We promise to uphold the highest moral and ethical standards when assisting and advising clients, and working with the Assessor’s Office and other governmental agencies.

Because results matter, Michael Wyatt Consulting has built a foundation based on service that allows the client to move forward toward their future. We offer to our clients a commitment to principles of practical expectations, highest standards of service excellence, and a caring approach to your needs.

With that in mind, may we begin to serve you today? Let’s get started.