Michael Wyatt Consulting can customize and shape a real property solution for your clients so that they are entitled to the maximum property tax protection afforded and permissible under some of Proposition 13’s benefits noted below:  



  • Decline in Value (Prop 8)
  • Base Year Value Transfers
    55 or Older Transfer of Base Year Value (Props. 60/90)
    Severely and Permanently Disabled (Prop 110)
    Eminent Domain/Condemnation (Section 68)
    Disaster Relief (Sections 69 & 69.3)
    Contaminated Property (Section 69.4)
  • Change in Ownership Exclusions
    Holding Agreements
    Principal/Agent Relationships
    Legal Entity Ownership (LLPs; LLCs; Partnerships; Corporations)
    Deed Presumptions (Clear and Convincing Proof)
    Leases/Lease Improvements
    Co-Signers & Security Interests
    Interspousal Transfers
    Family Joint Tenancy
    Inter Vivos Revocable/Family Trusts
  • Parent-Child Transfer Exclusion (Prop. 58)
  • Grandparent/Grandchild Exclusion (Prop. 193)
  • Severely and Permanently Disabled Exclusion (Prop 110)
  • New Construction
    Builders’ Exclusion
    Severely and Permanently Disabled (Prop 110)
    New Construction in Connection With Props. 60 & 90
  • Exempt Property
  • Historical Property (Mills Act)
  • Agricultural Property (Williamson Act)